Photographer Snapshot: Laurie Bucci

Laurie Bucci was born and raised in Montreal. She is a proud graduate of McGill University and an animal rights activist. Today, the photographer shares her life with her husband and twins. Her artistic talents and love for the arts has allowed her to work as a full-time and freelance graphic artist, actor in film […]

Photographer Snapshot: Florence Jean

Born in St-Fabien, Rimouski, Florence Jean’s real interest in photography began after she retired, when she enrolled in a photography class at the Montreal Visual Arts Centre. She then met the other talented photographers who are now members of Momenta. “Our teacher, Peter Ferst, taught us the fundamentals of photography and helped us master technical […]

Photographer snapshot: Frances Cable-Raymond

It was Frances Cable-Raymond’s father who, armed with his Leica and his imagination, first nurtured her passion for photography 50 years ago. Over the past 10 years she has elevated her photography from a personal hobby into a concerted interest.

Photographer Snapshot: Cindy Canavan

Cindy Canavan is a native Montrealer who has enjoyed photography as a hobby since her teens and is now able to devote herself full-time to improving her craft. A graduate in engineering, Cindy has a strong interest in all things technical and is completing a diploma in Digital Imaging at Concordia University. As a photographer […]

Photographer snapshot: Josée Houde

Josee Houde developed a true passion for photography in her forties. Her style as a photographer is evolving, with particular emphasis on employing selective blur and natural filters to somewhat transform reality. Street photography and macro photography are two styles she particularly loves. If she has a muse, it is the dandelion in its fragile […]

Photographer snapshot: Silvia Lebensztajn

Silvia Lebensztajn was born in Brazil in 1973. She earned a bachelor degree in Social Communication with a major in Radio and Television at FAAP University – São Paulo. She worked for over 9 years in the Brazilian film industry, holding different positions in the production of feature films, short movies and advertising campaigns, shot […]